Transitioning Lawful Interception at the Network Core from 4G to 5G: What's it Looking Like and Challenges Ahead

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October 13, 2020 : Online Webinar

9:00-10:00 AM New York Time, Eastern USA Time
2:00-3:00 PM London Time

Panel Moderator
Matthew Lucas (PhD, Computer Science)
Vice President, TeleStrategies

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Transitioning Lawful Interception Network Core Features from 4G to 5G: What's it Looking Like and Challenges Ahead

Cellular market analysts collectively have identified 5G services deployed in over 400 cities spread over 30 or so countries. The one common feature of all these operations is that they are providing 5G services with a 4G/5G hybrid network infrastructures or so called non-Stand Alone (NSA) architecture.

In reality lawful interception of non-standalone is not any different from 4G interception regarding new LI feature additions. The next LI challenge will be for 5G SA. This webinar addresses the technical challenges facing law enforcement, 5G operators and ISS vendors. Specifically the four transitions are:

  1. 5G Network Challenges Identifiers: How are law enforcement going to grab 1gbps traffic streams; backhaul to monitoring centers and filter non-important traffic of interest.

  2. 5G Edge Cloud Computing: How do you intercept on a 5G operators IT systems, deal with proprietary system protocols, e2e encryption and localized content

  3. 5G Virtual Network Core: How complicated will this be regarding LI, VoIP on virtual devices and what LI barriers has the IETF created

  4. 5G Network Slicing: Is this 5G feature restricted to private enterprises or will 5G MVNO’s provide public mobile wireless services, How will law enforcement interconnect with 5G OSS provisioning systems and what is the LI point of interconnection?

Panel Moderator
Matthew Lucas (PhD, Computer Science)
Vice President, TeleStrategies

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