Thank you for your interest in a TeleStrategies/ISS World Webinar. Below is important information about the webinar system and frequently asked questions:

Pre-Test Your System:

We use Cisco's Webex online conferencing system. As a Cisco product, we trust that it is secure and reliable. However, it needs to install a "plug in" to your browser. So, we recommend that you go to, click on their support page and find the "join a test conference/test your system" link. If that works, then you know you will be all set for the webinar. If it doesn't, then you will have time to talk to your IT group to make sure your network will allow the webex session, and/or your computer can be configured to accept the browser plug-in.

Audio Options:

There are two audio options (1) streaming the audio from your computer, or (2) dialing into the conference bridge. By default, the audio will stream through your computer's speakers. Most folks find that is acceptable quality. However, if you are logging in from a slow network, or to ensure that you get the best quality audio, we suggest that you call the conference bridge. Your line will be muted, so there is no worries that you will interfere with the webinar. The bridge number always appears on the slides preceding the webinar.

Webinar Presentations:

Most speakers prefer to send out their talks after the program. Many don't send them out at all. If you want a copy of the presentation, it is best if you make a note of the speaker's email address and contact them directly after the event. We (at TeleStrategies) will not hand out speaker's materials because we view that as the intellectual property of the presenter.

Webinar Login:

Log in using the same exact information that is used when you register. In your confirmation email, you will receive a link to log in. Sometimes, though, you will find that you need to log in from our site, In that case, you can find the webinar, and join it. But, you must enter your information exactly as it appears in your confirmation email along with the password (which is CASE sensitive).

Can I log in from anywhere?

Yes, any computer with a broadband connection will work. So, if you want to log in from home, that works so long as (1) you use the same name, email as when you registered and (2) your registration was approved. You will still need the event password. Simply go to and click "join the event."

Using an iPad?

Webex (a cisco product) requires that your machine installs a browser plug-in. That won't work with an iPad or iPhone. However, there is a free webex app that you can use. Just go to Apple's appstore and download for free. It also works on your iPhone.

Need a training certificate?

Please contact John Tufano ( after the webinar, and he can send you a certificate PDF.


If you still have any questions please do not hesitate to contact John Tufano ( or call 703-734-7050.

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