Today's Money Laundering Schemes Financial Crime Investigators Need to Know

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November 14, 2018: Online Webinar

9:00 AM-10:00 AM New York Time, Eastern USA Time

Free and only for law enforcement, enterprise financial crime investigators, the government intelligence community and ISS World Exhibiting vendors. Registration with Government or Corporate e-mail address is required.

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Today's Money Laundering Schemes Financial Crime Investigators Need to Know

Whether the objectives of a criminal or terror organization is profit, power, or ideological, they all need money to succeed.  The challenge for them is to make the money useable without detection and interruption and money laundering is a major element to this effort.  This webinar will discuss the methods essential for criminals to be successful and points of vulnerability that could expose their activities.

Specific Topics Include:

  • Elementary Phases of Money Laundering and How they are in Practice Around the World Today

  • How Money Laundering Techniques are Applied in Business, Finance, Art and Antiquities

  • Case Studies Described How Small and Large Criminal and Terror Elements Employ Money Laundering, Including Crucial Requirements and Personnel

Presented by:
Michael Loughnane, CAMS, CFE, President, Loughnane Associates, LLC and retired federal law enforcement (27 years).

About Mike Loughnane:

Mike Loughnane has been a regular speaker as part of the ISS training conference programs and will be presenting at the next conference in Kuala Lumpur in December.  He began his career in federal law enforcement in 1978, becoming a special agent in the Office of Inspector General community in 1981. Over a 27-year career he conducted complex financial crime, fraud and cybercrime investigations. Upon his retirement in 2007 Mike joined Booz Allen Hamilton as an IT security expert where he managed computer network security accreditation teams positioned at U.S. government clients. In 2010, he was contracted as an instructor for the U.S. government to develop and deliver analytical and critical thinking training in counter threat finance to the intelligence community, federal law enforcement and the regulatory agencies.  Starting Loughnane Associates, LLC, in 2016 today he continues to delivery financial crime investigation training and public speaking to the international community to support the worldwide efforts to counter money laundering and financing of terrorism.

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