Next Generation Information Security with Quantum Resistant Cryptography Deployment

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Presented by:
Jerry Lucas, President, TeleStrategies
Mike Brown, CTO, ISARA

March 1, 2017: Online Webinar

TIME: 10:00-11:00 AM New York Time, Eastern USA and Canada Time

Free and only for law enforcement, the government and private sector intelligence community and cyber security vendors. Registration with Government or Corporate e-mail address is required.

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Next Generation Information Security with Quantum Resistant Cryptography Deployment

Quantum Computers capable of defeating today's Crypto Security are on the horizon and it's not a matter of if but when. Government and Private sector security management must start to transition their information security infrastructure now and not when operational quantum computers are deployed.

This webinar is for government and private sector security managers who have already accepted the fact quantum computers will be deployed in the not to distant future that will make their organizations cryptography infrastructure obsolete. The content of this webinar is focused on information security management issues and assumes attendees do not have a background in quantum physics nor computer science mathematical algorithms.

Regarding content, this webinar briefly addresses what parts of today's cryptography are vulnerable to quantum computer defeat and what counter alternatives are available. There are two defensive architectures: Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Quantum Resistant Cryptography. QKD based on Quantum Physics will be briefly addressed in this webinar. The other option quantum resistant cryptography, public key infrastructure algorithms based on mathematics not quantum physics.

Quantum Computer Basics Review (a 10 minute overview): What cryptosystem components are vulnerable to quantum computers followed by What is a quantum computer, how they work without a lot of quantum physics or complex math, what's a qubit and quantum entanglement, cryptography breaking algorithms (Shor and Grover) basics and the single most important performance metric to track when reached, will defeat today's cryptography.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) (a 10 minute overview): What's the quantum physics basis for QKD (light on the quantum physics), What is needed for mass deployment (dark fiber or satellites), how far along are early vendor product field trials.

Presented by:
Jerry Lucas (Ph.D, Physics), President, TeleStrategies

Quantum Resistant Cryptography (a 40 minute session):

  • Discussion of the quantum threat but focus on what that means for industry – time to update, what needs to change, etc.
  • Review of leading candidate areas from a math perspective (Hash, Lattice and Code Based, Singular Elliptic Isogency and Mutlivariate Cryptography), emphasis on their pros and cons for use in various applications and implementation type issues and giving a sense of current academic progress in each area and Google's work on quantum resistant algorithums.
  • Specific applications at risk, such as TLS or VPNs.
  • Standards progress to date
  • Summary of commercial solutions available and next steps

Presented by:
Mike Brown, CTO, ISARA

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